My favorite laser level – Dewalt Dw089lg

Laser levels are a must have tool in every home, whether you are doing a simple DIY project or doing more complex building tasks, laser levels just make the job so much easier and efficient. I am a contractor so I use laser levels on a daily basis, over the years I have used laser levels from companies like DeWalt, PLS and Bosch. Some of these worked great and others not so much. So I plan on sharing with you the best laser level I have used so far, the Dewalt Dw089lg.

Dewalt Dw089lg is one of the best laser levels on the market today, it is perfect for every beginner and professional. Mostly, it is targeted to professionals who require laser levels for more complex job but I think it is perfect for every beginner too. The Dw089lg  is a bit pricey, almost $400 but if you think you will be needing a laser level on a regular basis, why not invest in a solid laser level that will last you many years.


Weight: 9.6 lb

Power source: Battery (Lithium Ion)

Style: 360 degrees

Visibility: 100 feet

Avg battery life: 30 hours

Price: ~$370

As you can see in the specs chart, this laser level has an awesome visibility range of 100 feet and has green laser beams, which Dewalt says are 4 times brighter than red ones. The Dw089lg is very accurate (to 1/8 inch) and is also dust/water resistant. My favorite part about this laser level is that it does not require batteries, it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts almost 30 hours.

If you are looking for a solid laser level for your work or home, I would highly recommend this product. Make sure to check on for the best deals. For more laser level reviews subscribe to be notified when our latest reviews come out.

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